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Since 1986 Rohallion Security has been chosen and trusted by homeowners and businesses in and around Surrey.

Whether you would like a new system, upgrade an existing security system or just a takeover of maintenance we have the expertise and knowledge to help.

We provide systems to protect what matters most to you and go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied with our service. Whether this means we take extra time to demonstrate the alarm features to you, or simply tidy up after ourselves, our aim is to make protecting your home and family as stress-free as possible.

Our burglar alarm installations are carried out by our qualified Rohallion Security engineers guaranteeing you satisfaction with your home security system and the service you receive from us.

Quick guide to the three difference types of system:

Hardwired: Each individual device is connected to the main control unit. This system takes longer to install, than a wireless system. There are a number of considerations that have to be taken into account, such as the limiting factors of your building's construction, as this may not allow concealment of wiring.

Wireless: Wireless systems require no interconnecting cabling between the main control unit and the devices. Installation of Wireless systems results in almost no disruption during the installation and allow areas unreachable by conventional cabling to be protected by the system. The wireless devices function essentially the same as their hardwired counterparts, but allow a faster installation process.

Hybrid: A combination of Hardwired and Wireless systems

Whichever type of system you choose, you can have complete confidence that the installation will be installed to the highest standards and with as little disruption as possible.

We believe that a combination of the best solutions with an unsurpassed level of customer care means you'll have a perfect experience.

At Rohallion Security, we only install security systems from the most reputable and trusted manufacturers including Texecom, Pyronix and Honeywell and we can provide friendly advice on the most affordable and effective system to meet your needs. Our highly experienced team can advise you on all of the innovative systems available and help you to choose the best system for your requirements

Intruder Alarms
What grade of system do I need?

There are four grades of intruder alarm systems. To make sure you get the choice right, we perform a risk assessment of your property, to establish the best solution for you and your insurers.

Grade 1: The lowest grade alarm system, suitable for an area of low risk. Installing a Grade 1 alarm presumes that the burglar knows little of alarm systems, is probably an opportunist burglar and almost certainly has no specialist tools to disarm the system.

Note. We do not install or maintain Grade 1 systems.

Grade 2: This type of alarm is suitable for an area of low to medium risk. Most homes fall into this bracket and many smaller commercial premises too. With a Grade 2 system there is an assumption that a potential intruder may not just be a passer-by but could have some knowledge of alarms and be prepared for the break-in with some specialist equipment.

We mainly fit Grade Two home alarm systems and business alarm systems.

Grade 3: This level assumes a potential intruder will know what he or she is doing and will be well prepared. There is a good chance the system will be known to the intruder and, if not, they will have the appropriate tools to attempt to disable the system.

Grade 4: The highest grade of alarm system available, this anticipates a sophisticated attack by a criminal who is organised and who will have a strategy for attempting to disable your system. We only recommend Grade 4 systems when the security of your property has to take precedence over all other factors, including cost and convenience.

Innovative New Features

Be secure on the move, wherever you are in the world – arm your home alarm from anywhere, at anytime. Our smartphone app takes the hassle away from arming your home alarm each time you leave for work or to pick up the kids from school. From here, you can arm, disarm and control your security from wherever you are in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

If you have specific security requirements, why not contact our experts here at Rohallion Security. We can help arrange a suitable time to conduct a full security survey and discuss what matters most to you.

To arrange a no obligation site survey and evaluation of your individual security risks or to take-over or upgrade your existing security systems please contact us today on 01372 451666.

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    We understand that home security can be daunting, but it need not be.

    Since 1986, burglar alarms have evolved to meet the needs of home owners, becoming easier to use with smart features and options that are specifically designed to secure your home.

    With your family, home and possessions and your greatest assets in life. We understand your desire to keep them safe and free from harm.

    Over the years we have helped put in place security measures that will protect your family from intruders and give immediate detection of fire.

    What grade of alarm do I need?

    Monitored Alarm Options?

    Home Security Monitoring at Rohallion Security (we have various options)

    Speak to us about bespoke installations, take-over or upgrade of your existing security & fire systems.


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